High purity Rare Earth Compounds are produced from ores by the following method: physical concentration (e.g., flotation), leaching, solution purification by solvent extraction, rare earth separation by solvent extraction, individual rare earth compound precipitation.  Finally these compounds form marketable carbonate, hydroxide, phosphates and fluorides.

About 40% of rare earth production is used in metallic form—for making magnets, battery electrodes, and alloys. Metals are made from the above compounds by high-temperature fused salt electrowinning and high temperature reduction with metallic reductants, for example, calcium or lanthanum.

Rare earths are mainly used in the following:

•magnets (up to 100 magnets per new automobile)

•catalysts (automobile emission and petroleum cracking)

•glass polishing powders for television screens and glass data storage disks

•rechargeable batteries (especially for hybrid cars)

•photonics (luminescence, fluorescence and light amplification devices)

•Magnets and photonics are expected to grow significantly over the next few years

UrbanMines supplies a comprehensive catalog of high purity and ultra high purity compounds.  The importance of Rare Earth Compounds grows strongly in many key technologies and they are irreplaceable in many products and production processes. We supply Rare Earth Compounds in different grades according to individual customer requirements, which serves as valuable raw materials in various industries.

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