Tungsten Rod&Powder

Tungsten Rod is pressed and sintered from our high purity tungsten powders. Our pure tugnsten rod has 99.96% tungsten purity and 19.3g/cm3 typical density. We offer tungsten rods with diameters ranging from 1.0mm to 6.4mm or more. Hot isostatic pressing ensures our tungsten rods obtain a high density and fine grain size.

Tungsten Powder is mainly produced by the hydrogen reduction of high-purity tungsten oxides. UrbanMines is capable of supplying tungsten powder with many different grain sizes. Tungsten powder has often been pressed into bars, sintered and forged into thin rods and used to create bulb filaments. Tungsten powder is also used in electrical contacts, airbag deployment systems and as the primary material used to produce tungsten wire. The powder is also used in other automotive and aerospace applications.

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Symbol  W
Phase at STP solid
Melting point 3695 K (3422 °C, 6192 °F)
Boiling point 6203 K (5930 °C, 10706 °F)
Density (near r.t.) 19.3 g/cm3
When liquid (at m.p.) 17.6 g/cm3
Heat of fusion 52.31 kJ/mol[3][4]
Heat of vaporization 774 kJ/mol
Molar heat capacity 24.27 J/(mol·K)

About Tungsten Metal

Tungsten is a kind of metal elements. Its element symbol is “W”; Its atomic sequence number is 74 and its atomic weight is 183.84. It’s white, very hard and heavy. It belongs to chromium family and has stable chemical properties. Its crystal system occurs as the body-centered cubic crystal structure (BCC). Its melting point is around 3400℃ and its boiling point is over 5000℃. Its relative weight is 19.3. It’s a kind of rare metal. 

High Purity Tungsten Rod

Symbol Composition Length Length tolerance Diameter(Diameter tolerance)
UMTR9996 W99.96% over 75mm~150mm 1mm φ1.0mm-φ6.4mm(±1%)

【others】Alloys having different additional composition, tungsten alloy including oxides, and tungsten-molybdenum alloy etc. are 

available. Please contact us for details.

What is Tungsten Rod used for?

Tungsten Rod, having high melting point, is used in many industrial fields because of their excellent high-temperature resistance. It is used for electric bulbs filament, discharge-lamp electrodes, electronic bulb components, welding electrodes, heating elements, etc.

High Purity Tungsten Powder

Symbol Avg.granularity  (μm) Chemical Component
W(%) Fe(ppm) Mo(ppm) Ca(ppm) Si(ppm) Al(ppm) Mg(ppm) O(%)
UMTP75 7.5~8.5 99.9≦ ≦200 ≦200 ≦30 ≦30 ≦20 ≦10 ≦0.1
UMTP80 8.0~16.0 99.9≦ ≦200 ≦200 ≦30 ≦30 ≦20 ≦10 ≦0.1
UMTP95 9.5~10.5 99.9≦ ≦200 ≦200 ≦30 ≦30 ≦20 ≦10 ≦0.1

What is Tungsten Powder used for?

Tungsten Powder is used as the raw material for super-hard alloy, powder metallurgy products such as welding contact point as well as other kinds of alloy. In addition, due to our company’s strict requirements about quality management, we can provide highly pure tungsten powder with purity over 99.99%.

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